Abbey Of Design_An Abbey 2.0

The [AOD] Label_Born in Rio de Janeiro and Expanded in Paris_World Capital of Luxury & Lifestyle.

Rio de Janeiro: Exuberant in nature, with total freedom of worship and a permanent invitation to spirituality, all under the benevolent gaze of Christ the Redeemer. The Abbey of Design community was founded at a former Franciscan retreat in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. A crew of designers, architects and humanist artists who ponder a more spiritual design, a new art of living: ENSEMBLE +
The cheese, plants and beer generally produced by abbeys have made way for objects of art and design in order to create a program to disseminate Brazilian creativity, cultural exchanges and environmentally-friendly initiatives. Brazilian art and design that have their roots in nature and recycling and propose creation that is urban, racially mixed and spiritual. Creation that develops exclusive know-how (cabinet making, fish leather, etc.) and produces ethical luxury, responsible design, items made to last to be handed down from generation to generation, a piece of heritage to be preserved. To ensure the sustainability of its activities and continue its cultural and social commitment to Brazil, the Abbey of Design community set up shop in Paris, the world capital of luxury and the art of living, in June 2019.
The aim is to disseminate its products beyond the borders of Brazil and to offer Luxury 2.0 with a new approach somewhere between secular and sacred.   A luxury between ancestral traditions and the digital world, a mixed, fraternal, environmental and sustainable luxury made in Rio de Janeiro, the city with 1001 religions, the city of Jesus, Yemanja and Mother Nature.