Semana Design_Rio Design Week_OFF

Partnership between Paris and Rio de Janeiro as part of Rio Design Week (Semana Design). This event was proposed and organised by Abbey of Design (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) in partnership with La Tannerie (Bégard, Brittany, France) with the support of the Consulate of France in Rio, Paris City Hall and D’DAYS. With en OFF, at the Maison, the French cultural space in Rio de Janeiro, the Consulate-General of France, a pop-up exposition “Art, Design, Produits_Luxe et Lifestyle, Made in Brazil” and a seminar “Design & Business: Social Transformation & Soft Power”.

EXHIBITION: A carioca vision of “Luxury & Lifestyle” made in Brazil.

Brazil: A country that can turn waste into art, luxury and sustainable development (cf. Vik Muniz, the Campana brothers, etc.). Sacred design, neo-concretism, popular art, carioca funk, etc. Responsible, rich and unfettered Brazilian creativity.

SEMINAR: Design and innovation to develop the social, cultural and economic fabric of empty and/or abandoned spaces. Create value and attractiveness for cities and countries.

Case study in two environments: One in a rural area and one in an urban area. With the participation of Erwan le Bourdonnec/La Tannerie, Oswaldo Carvalho/Funarte, Paulo Amaury/President Nova Kaeru, Andréa Borde, Profa/PROURB/FAU/UFRJ.


CLOSURE: With the presence of Michel Miraillet, the French ambassador in Brasilia.